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DanBi Marine provides marine electrical, lithium battery, Starlink, TV and Internet, electronics, cooling systems and engine services for your yacht, boat and personal watercraft.

Keep Your Yacht Safe and Secure

We are a Florida State Licensed Electrical Contractor and UL Listed Industrial Control Panel (UL ICP) shop with 15+ years of marine electrical expertise, providing all of your boat and marina requirements:


Electrical and Cooling

HVAC and Refrigeration Repair

Current Codes and Standards

Upgrade and Maintain Electronics, Electrical and Cooling Components

Installation and Maintenance

The ABYC, NMEA, MMI and KVH certified technicians at DanBi Marine provide the knowledge and expertise that’s essential for all of your yacht, boat and personal watercraft engine, electronics, electrical and cooling needs with a focus on delivering the best customer service.

Let us Take Care of Your Boat or Marina Needs

DanBi Marine offers specialized services in marine electronics, marine electrical, and marine cooling on Florida’s Space Coast. Our team will meet all of your system needs, from the main disconnect at your building to the electronics on your boat.

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Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems for Yachts

DanBi Marine offers air conditioning and cooling services such as system checks, replacements, and descaling to ensure optimal cooling.

shore power


Marine Technology

In the modern maritime world, even smaller vessels are equipped with advanced technology, including multifunction displays (MFDs), autopilots, radar systems, GPS devices, chart plotters, VHF radios, and depth finders. We offer Starlink Communications, boat electronics, lithium battery upgrades and other electrical services


Engine Rigging and Repower, Steering Systems, Maintenance and Repair 

Proper maintenance of your vessel’s motor is key to enjoying your time on the water. DanBi Marine Inc., based in Brevard County, FL, offers maintenance services, repowers and repairs, and we offer maintenance packages to ensure your yacht, boat or PWC is ready when you are.  


Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

Fiber optic cabling has numerous advantages over other communication mediums, including corrosion resistance, high flexibility, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. However, not properly splicing the fiber optic cabling will cause data loss and poor performance. DanBi Marine has the tools and experience to perform fusion splicing to optimize your fiber optic cabling. Regardless of whether the fiber optic cabling is located on your vessel, marina, manufacturing plant, or office location, DanBi Marine can test and repair your fiber optic network.


Lighting and Sound Solutions for Yachts, Boats and Docks

DanBi Marine Inc. has the experience and license to install boat and dock lighting with proper grounding. Boat dock lighting is essential for ensuring your and your passengers’ safety when entering or exiting your vessel during nighttime. Dock lighting enables you to entertain guests at the dock late into the night, providing safety and preventing unexpected falls into the water.

We provide:

  • Consultation on lighting placement
  • Professionally installed boat lighting
  • Professionally installed dock lighting

Contact us today to see how we can help ensure your marina, boat dock, and boat is safe and secure.

Let us help you maintain your boat or marina investment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my boat batteries to lithium?

Yes, you can convert your current SGM or flooded batteries to Lithium.  However, you cannot simply replace your existing batteries with Lithium.  The electrical system needs to be redesigned from the ground up to ensure that the system is safe and you realize the full benefits from your investment.

Can you watch TV in the middle of the ocean?

You can watch your favorite TV, sports or movies on your boat or yacht anywhere on the ocean.  Let our team design a system so you can watch your favorite sports or TV shows while cruising in the open seas.  

How do I get internet on my boat?

The easiest way to have internet access on your boat is to connect to the WIFI network at the marina.  However, once at sea, accessing Starlink to going to be the most effective way to stay connected on the internet regardless of your location.  Our team can provide and install the components needed to keep everyone on your boat or yacht connected to the internet.

Why is the AC on my boat not cooling properly?

There could be many reasons why your air conditioner on your boat is cooling properly ranging from dirty filters to poor water circulation to lack of refrigerant.  Our certified technicians can troubleshoot your system and resolve any issues.  We also offer maintenance plans to ensure your AC system is functioning as efficiently as possible.

How do I know if my boat battery needs replacing?

Ensuring your boat batteries are ready for your next outing is crucial to your safety.  Often times a visual inspection of the batteries can provide some indications, but there are also several other tests can that be performed to confirm the health of the batteries.  Our team of certified technicians can complete an assessment of not only your batteries but also your charging system to ensure your boat or yacht or ready for your next adventure.

How often should you service a marine diesel engine?

Marine diesel engine maintenance is crucial to the longevity and performance of your diesel engine.  Depending on the manufacturer, there are different maintenance requirements based on hours and time intervals.  Our team can create a service plan to ensure that your diesel engines are maintained to manufacturer requirements.

How often should you service an outboard motor?

Outboard boat engines require routine maintenance to keep the engines running at peak performance.  Depending on the manufacturer, there are different maintenance requirements based on hours and time intervals.  Our team can create a service plan to ensure that your outboard engines are maintained to manufacturer requirements.

Should I upgrade my boat electronics?

The marine electronics industry is advancing every year, and if you have not looked at upgrading your electronics recently, you will be amazed at the advancements in the technology for fish finders, chart plotters, navigation, boat steering and more.  As seasoned boaters, staying on top of new technologies comes naturally to our team, but our technicians are also trained on the newest technology by the major manufacturers of electronics.  Our team can assess your current system and provide a solution that will further improve your boating experience.

How do I know if my cooling system needs descaling?

Descaling involves adding freshwater or environmentally safe additives to the raw water system to dissolve the buildup of microbial growth, algae, grass deposits, barnacles, and sediment left in the vessel’s plumbing. You may need a flush when:

  • Common equipment code HPF (High Pressure Fault
  • Visible restriction in the raw water discharge
  • Diminished flow rate
  • The system has never been flushed
  • Noticeable growth in the strainer (or even live creatures)

Testing the electrical system, ground fault protection, and stray current in the water at marinas should be completed annually (minimum requirement per 2021 NFPA 303 5.20). DanBi Marine has the equipment and expertise to conduct these necessary tests at least once per year. Testing all of these components helps ensure the marina, boats, and people are as safe as possible.


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