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DanBi Marine provides the knowledge and expertise that’s essential for all of your boat and marina electronics, electrical and cooling needs with a focus on delivering the best customer service.

Keep Your Boat or Marina Investment Safe and Secure

We are a Florida State Licensed Electrical Contractor and UL Listed Industrial Control Panel (UL ICP) shop with 15+ years of marine electrical expertise, providing all of your boat and marina requirements:


Electrical and Cooling

HVAC and Refrigeration Repair

Current Codes and Standards

Upgrade and Maintain Electronics, Electrical and Cooling Components

Installation and Maintenance

Our seasoned and professional team has the experience and credentials to ensure your marina, boat dock, and boat are safe and meet current codes and standards.

Let us Take Care of Your Boat or Marina Needs

DanBi Marine offers specialized services in marine electronics, marine electrical, and marine cooling on Florida’s Space Coast. Our team will meet all of your system needs, from the main disconnect at your building to the electronics on your boat.

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Marine Engine Maintenance and Service

Electrical inspections are important for ensuring the safety of yourself and others. Here are some of the steps that we perform in an electrical inspection at a marina:

  • Cooling and AC Systems
  • Boat Wiring
shore power


Shore Power

Unknowingly, thousands of swimmers, boaters, and marinas place themselves in the face of danger by swimming near electrically powered ships and piers. This innocent act of play can turn tragic as electrocution drowns occur each year. Raising consciousness among marinas and boaters can help prevent electrocution drownings or other electrical injuries while out on the sea. Additionally, there are electrically safe precautions boaters must abide by to ensure the electrical safety of the entire marine.

We provide:

  • Electrical Wiring for Docks and Marinas Stray Current Testing
  • Compliance with NFPA 70 – National Electric Code (NEC)
  • Compliance with NFPA 303 – Marina and Boatyard Fire Protection Standards
  • Ground Fault Protection for Feeders, Power Pedestals and Outlets
  • Pedestal Replacements and Upgrades
  • Safety Inspections
  • Low Voltage and WIFI Installations


Boat Electronics, Electrical, and Cooling Repair

DanBi Marine understands how vital it is that your boat components are in working order. We supply and install boat electronics, install and repair boat and marine electrical components, and repair boat cooling systems.

We provide:

  • Authorized Reseller for Garmin and Navico
  • New Electronics Integration
  • LED Lighting for Boats and Marinas


Boat and Dock Lighting

DanBi Marine Inc. has the experience and license to install boat and dock lighting with proper grounding. Boat dock lighting is essential for ensuring your and your passengers’ safety when entering or exiting your vessel during nighttime. Dock lighting enables you to entertain guests at the dock late into the night, providing safety and preventing unexpected falls into the water.

We provide:

  • Consultation on lighting placement
  • Professionally installed boat lighting
  • Professionally installed dock lighting

Contact us today to see how we can help ensure your marina, boat dock, and boat is safe and secure.

Let us help you maintain your boat or marina investment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric shock?

When a person comes into physical contact with an electrical energy source (such as a power line), he may receive an electric shock. This can happen even when swimming.

How to prevent electric shock?

To prevent electrical shock from occurring, you should install GFCI protection for shore power and the source providing shore power.

Does salt water conduct electricity?

Yes. Saline (salt) water has unique properties: Its freezing point is lower than freshwater and its density is higher. Its electrical conduction is much higher than freshwater, and it is slightly alkaline.

Can you get electrocuted on a boat?

Electrical shock can occur when swimmers make contact with an electrified structure, such as a yacht or boat, because of faulty wiring. It can also occur when electrical current leaks into the water from a nearby electrical power supply, such as a yacht dock.

What causes electric shock drowning?

Electric shock drowning occurs when an electrical current, usually low-level alternating current (AC), escapes and shocks nearby people. Read more about electric shock drowning here.

How do you test for stray voltage in water?

Testing for stray voltage in marinas requires specialized equipment capable of measuring small amounts of current, also known as milliamps (mA). Typical voltmeters (multimeters) are not sensitive enough to effectively detect stray current.

What to do if an electrical outlet gets wet?

Switch off the power by manually turning off the GFCI outlets and switching off the circuit breaker. You could consider consulting a licensed electrical contractor to determine if the outlet is safe for use.

How to find a ground fault on a boat?

First, turn off all equipment one by one. Then, disconnect the positive battery cable from the battery. Finally, measure the voltage between the negative battery terminal and the cable using the DC volts setting on the meter. If it reads 12V, or any voltage, then there’s a leak. Turn the power switch off.

Typically, a ground fault will trip the circuit breaker on the boat. However, if a boat is leaking a small amount of current, it may not be enough to trip the circuit breaker. Ground faults and leaking current are common due to the wet environment typically found on boats, and an experienced boat electrician should be consulted to diagnose and resolve these issues.

How does water become electrified?

If there is an electrical failure on a boat or electrical equipment (i.e. panel), and it is in contact with the water, the electrical current from the boat or the equipment will leak into the water. The amount of current present in the water will depend on the severity of the electrical failure and the shore power wiring.

Is it possible to test in the water?

Testing the electrical system, ground fault protection, and stray current in the water at marinas should be completed annually (minimum requirement per 2021 NFPA 303 5.20). DanBi Marine has the equipment and expertise to conduct these necessary tests at least once per year. Testing all of these components helps ensure the marina, boats, and people are as safe as possible.


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