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Descaling returns the engineered system back to the original designed flow rates, thus restoring the optimal performance of the system and eliminating untimely and costly system failures. DanBi Marine offers services such as system checks, replacements, and descaling to ensure optimal cooling.  

Descaling Services

Descaling is the introduction of freshwater and environmentally safe additives into the raw water system. The additive circulates through the system dissolving buildup of microbial growth, algae, grass deposits, barnacles, and any sediment that has been left within your vessel’s piping.  Our filtered descaling closed loop system traps these unwanted products ensuring the cooling systems are going to work as effectively as possible.

Cooling System Upgrades and Replacement

Need to replace or upgrade your cooling systems?  Our team has the training and experience to repair, upgrade or install new cooling systems.  We offer regular maintenance services to ensure your system operates as efficiently as possible, and we also can upgrade or replace your cooling system.

How Do I Know if I Need Descaling?

Descaling involves adding freshwater or environmentally safe additives to the raw water system to dissolve buildup of microbial growth, algae, grass deposits, barnacles, and sediment left in the vessel’s plumbing. You may need a flush when:

  • Common equipment code HPF (High Pressure Fault)
  • Visible restriction in the raw water discharge
  • Diminished flow rate
  • The system has never been flushed
  • Noticeable growth in strainer (or even live creatures)

We can check your cooling performance and ensure your cooling systems are working as efficiently as possible.  Contact DanBi Marine to schedule a consultation.